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Another former inter-county player has publicly stated the need for players at the top level of the GAA to be compensated: a demonstration that, due to the increased commitment demanded on players, highlights the sentiment that idealized and antiquated notions of amateurism are giving way to realism.

Ciaran Carey, whose inter-county career spans 15 years as a player with Limerick and 4 years as a manager or backroom member with senior club and county teams, believes that the demands of the modern game cannot justify maintaining strict amateurism, but that the GAA is “too afraid to make the leap.”  The amount of commitment required today puts a strain on family and occupational relationships.  This commitment is no different in America as players travel thousands of miles to not only play, but further the development of the sport.

GAA players are professional in everything but name and professional…

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Written by briandarbymedia1

Leargais agus tuairimí faoi mo shaol agus breise. Spórt, eachtraí polaitiúla agus an nuacht is deanaí sa bhaile agus thar lear. B'aoibhinn liom do thuairimí phearsanta féin a chloisteail agus iad a phlé. "Bíonn dhá insint ar gach scéal" :)

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